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Qliphot Dilemma


Qliphot Dilemma

The symbolism of this piece explained

On the left from the top to the bottom:
The black tower/ the dimension of ice:
– above the alchemical symbol for water (binah) and three black eyes
– below it the empty throne of the creator
– below the hebrew letter of Tzaddi and the black stone Ixaxaar
– below the term Or-Ion as a symbol for Origin and Orion
– below a clock which has no needles (past) and 4x the number 0 as a symbol for „beyond time“
– below the entrance guarded by mushrooms
– below the dreaming kraken in literature referred to as cthulhu – the hidden base of the tower

In the middle:
The lightning which separates the two dimensions / the abyss.
At the centre – earth or malkuth in general which represents the bridge between left and right.
Under the bridge the seal of the light bearer who offers a way out of the cycle between these two.

On the right from the bottom to the top:
The pyramid/ the dimension of fire:
– first the still closed eye on top of the pyramid
– above it the herded egg
– above the hebrew letter of Teth
– above the term Ma-Ion as a symbol for the coming aeon, Sirius and the future
– to the left and right of the pyramid guarding roses
– above a clock which points to 31/31/31 – the 93 current
– above guarding, obtaining and nurturing the pyramid the 7-headed serpent


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