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Princess of Wands Tarot


Princess of Wands

„the power of attraction“

Symbol: Passion, lust for life, vitality, courage but also egocentricity and arrogance
Element: Earth through fire
Archetypes: all fertility godesses like Venus, Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite and Babalon

We can observe a young, dominant and attractive woman on this card – a true princess. Her view is directed upwards, she is looking proudly and inapproachable. She is strongly connected to the Major Arcana card of „XI – Passion“
Her cat, which is a symbol for aggressive and independent feminity is sitting on a pile of bones which is not only a sign of her ruthlessness but also her will, to do whatever is necessary. The consequences will surely be carried by others.
Her potential courage and vitality is high and this phase of ones life can be transcended in enjoying the world a lot without thinking about the aftermath.
She has strong sexual attributes, but expresses them not through the usual passive priciple, but in a very active, forward going way – she always gets what she wants!
With her cape which is an extension of her hair she is capleable to fascinate and catch the focus of others. This Princess is always in the center of attention. If she is not regognized the way she wants, she will quickly act belligerent and often malicious, powered by her natural fire. Other women may react even hostile because of her attributes. She can be a vibrant, very active character, but is not expected to act very considerate on her path.

Inspired by „The Spawn Comic“ series and „The Angel of The West Window“ by Gustav Meyrink


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