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common questions

Good news – a complete deck is planned and in the works. It will take a few more years until the entire deck is finished, as I still have to draw most of the small Arcana.

At the moment the Major Arcana Deck and the Liber Suggestionium Artbook are avaiable. In addition to large illustrations of the Major Arcana cards, the book contains the descriptions and interpretations, a selection of symbolic art and a few selected minor arcana.
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The symbol works on different levels
It basically says my name – I N A.
On a symbolic level it represents the multiverse. The circle or orphic egg which surrounds everything. It is the confinement of creation as we know it.
The triangle represents the comprehensible world within Binah. Also it works as a triangulation from which every aspect can be observed (A).
Inside the triangle the middle pillar (I) is representative for the states of consciousness which can be experienced and the sephiroth which balance the two pillars – Kether – (Da’ath) – Tipareth – Yesod – Malkuth.
The little circle (Kether) is outside the triangle since it’s incomprehensible to the state we’re in right now.
Also the small circle outside can be a symbol for the observative principle. It’s part of the orphic egg or the multiverse but it’s still outside the creation of the triangle.
It observes, therefor the world within the triangle exists. It’s an indication to the all seeing eye or observer within the circle, yet outside the triangle.
The left and right pillar (N) represent the sephiroth as emanations or ideas. Therefor they are constants between the paths. The path of the visible N which goes up from the right to the left pillar can represent the crossing of the abyss (Chesed – Binah)
I N A can also be changed to A I N which represents the Ain (אין) – the nothing, which isn’t nothing as we know it but contains everything without being anything – the unlimited infinity. It is the well of „something“.
Therefore I tried to contain every basic law of the multiverse within one symbol which became my logo.
Fun fact: I didn’t know any of this very intellectual interpretations when I drew it. It was just discovered intuitively then and stayed ever since.

All pictures are drawn by hand. I work about 20 - 50 hours on a drawing, which is why I need 1 - 2 months per image.

I use Staedtler and Copic Pigment Liner from 0.03 – 8 mm. For the colors, Stabilo pens are mostly used.

I also often work with gold leaf and silver leaf. Because there is unfortunately no sustainable extraction method for gold leaf, I now only use my remaining stocks. The gold texture is now inserted in the newer works in the reworking. In the reworking, gold tones are inserted for the print version.

If you are interested in purchasing an original, please write to me in the contact form.

My designs and artworks can be used as a template for a tattoo. However, since I put a lot of time and work into each of my drawings, I ask everyone who would like to use one of my motifs as a tattoo to buy this one-time, non-exclusive license to compensate for the time I have invested in my work: Tattoo Pass

Thank you for your support!

If you would like to use texts and one or more of my artworks on your website or in a publication, please contact me first. For non-commercial purposes, I will then decide that depending on the orientation and content of the publication. In any case - please inquire. Also and especially for commercial purposes one of my works may not be used without express permission and approval.
In the case of approval, this text must appear under each image: ”Name of the work - Copyright by Ina Auderieth, https://www.inurath.com”

None of the works may be graphically changed. The use of parts of the artwork is also not permitted.

Any questions left? Here you'll get to the contact form

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