Tattoo Pass


This is a Tattoo Pass

My designs and artworks can be used as a template for a tattoo. However, because I put a lot of work in each of my drawings, I ask you to buy this pass as a compensation for the time I put into my work.

This pass is a digital item. Please buy this if you want to use my art.
It validates that you can use my art as a tattoo. Please buy one pass per tattoo.

With this pass you get the permission to use any of my existing artworks for your tattoo – you can show this as a permission to your tattoo artist.
You can use my website or, my social media to download your motive of choice – no artwork will be send additionally.

This pass is a non exclusive licence for one tattoo.
Any additional printing or use of the artwork is permitted and would be violation of the copyright law.

It would be great, if you then send a photo of the tattoo and allow it to be posted, but that is of course, your individual decision and not part of the terms of this pass.

Thank you for your support!


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