Ace of Disks Tarot


Ace of Disks / Ass der Scheiben Tarot

„the success in creation“

Symbols: expansion, creation, prospect, physical achievements

Expression: Kether through Assiah

Element: Earth

On this card the all seeing eye opens up to initiate creation – the physical big bang. One is not dreaming anymore, it is time to be active and harvest the crops which have been sowed in planing and dreaming.
Only by observing something, it can actually be. Look into the paradox of physics that light is both, a wave and a particle. It’s properties change, only by being observed.
In close proximity to the eye, the forms are still very round and creative. Looking further away, the shapes get more structured and fixed.
The flowers of life (or the different kabbalahs) which structure around the eye are not filled yet. They are already plain and primed, waiting to be irradiated by light. This means that the structure of the path one is taking is already generated by the laws of being. However, the light, the spark of an idea or a flash of inspiration is still missing and can only spread if looking in the right direction.
This means, that often we complain about a path that’s not working out properly or fast enough. Instead of talking about problems it is necessary to focus on the solution. To actively look into a specific direction and to actually start walking on this path is often the positive antagonist to negative „dreamy“ passivity. The time of thinking and closing one’s eyes is over. At this point, only speculating would be „the light as a wave“, unconcrete and without weight. Focusing and starting doing something would be „light as a particle“, practical and specific.
The rings which work as a constraint to the light are arranged in their distance in the ficcobacci sequence. They mark the interstations on the path to gather one’s strengths again, before walking on. This time of personal expansion is usually a very positive one. Since we are ruled by time and space it is necessary however, to walk the path with steady steps and not run it like a marathon. Proper development takes it’s time and cannot be rushed. The danger of tripping and succumbing to stress and overhasty decision making can be avoided by growing rather slowly then breaking all boundaries. In a practical sense this means, investing in a broader spectrum, not in great quantities and to think about sacrificing profit for personal time. There is a balance in success which should be respected and not be exploited. It is also advised to share with others at this point and not keep it all to yourself. The threat of greed is implicated in all disc cards and archetypes and mustn’t be underestimated.


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