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VIII – The Witness Tarot


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VIII – The Witness / Justice / Ausgleichung Tarot

awareness, responsibility, harmony

symbol: equilibrium, balance
zodiac: libra
path of lamed: geburah – tiphareth

archetype: Ma’at, Themis/Nemesis

Ma’at or equilibrium/ balance is more of a principle then an archetype with form. It is a term or definition, that can never exist.
As well as „perfection“, balance is an utopic condition we always pursue and can never have. It is the space in between all things, or the force that drives everything, without being concrete. The cosmos pursues balance as well, so that justice in this context is the reliable law of karma or in other words „the sentient cosmos searching for balance within itself“.
There is no executor, no judge or wise gods who convict us for our sins after death, only ourselves who decide on a subliminal level what we need to be balanced again in one or another matter, which we extremized during our lifes.
So we „judge“ ourself with reincarnation just to graduate the inner scale. Even enemies, predators or foes are people we have chosen to help us outweigh the karma.
That’s the reason I didn’t draw a judging character, but just Anubis as guardian, guide or witness.
Ma’at in definition does not exist but there is always a conscious part of the universe (or within us) which surveys the laws of equation and witnesses the scales. In times of evident injustice – in your life, the world or the cosmos, this subliminal voice of equilibrium can be channeled and would explain to us the higher context of our suffering or situation and how to get out.
Balance can be represented by every archetype, god or person. It is not good nor bad, but simply serves it’s purpose.
The true inner will always accords to the basic law of balance in the universe. Since this is the law which decides if an act succeeds, true will in action would never fail in any circumstance. Clouded views and misguided action on the other hand would lead to chaos and imbalance, self-judgment or in other words just into a new cycle.
This very act of judgement is always the moment, when the head of the serpent (Ouroboros) meets it’s own tail.

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