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Six of Disks Tarot


Six of Disks / Sechs der Scheiben Tarot

„the joy of abundance“

Symbol: benefit, harmony, wealth, squandering
Element: Tipareth through Earth

This is quite a positive card. In the center one can observe six combs, filled with honey. A beehive, hanging above the combs, reinforces the symbolism of a granting and caring mother nature. Above a young tree is providing ripe, golden fruits, additionally. Honey is floating from an unicursal hexagram into an open, flourishing lotus. Both symbols of harmony and unity. In the background the sign of „omega“ is a gateway to all the riches that are offered here.
The card is a symbol of fulfillment, gratification and joy. It is the „top of the mountain“ and connected to the major arcana of „XIX – The Sun“. This moment is there to be enjoyed, because after each lookout at the top of a mountain comes the inevitable descent. After all, with a bag full of fruits, honey and riches, the harvest lasts a while and one can surely look back at this moment of fulfillment for a longer period of time and enjoy the well earned reward that comes with this card. It is important to share and divide these riches and not waste or hoard them for too long. This card comes with the risk of stinginess which would lead to a downfall instead of a descent, so one should be aware of this trap that comes with each and every wealth.



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