XVIII – The Moon

“the struggle between craving and striving”

Symbol: Confusion, fear, illusion, journey into the subconsciousness and the depths of the soul 


Astrology: Moon in Scorpio

Path of Koph: Netzach – Malkuth

Archetype: Anubis, Khephra, Hekate, Kali

XVIII - The Moon

The card symbolizes the threshold of the veil and the fear to step over it.
Our subconsciousness retrieves the key to feeling, understanding and even being the whole multiverse but before one can use that key, all the layers of cinders must be dealed with. The cinders are the sum of everyone’s daily grind, sins against ourselves and traumata collected on the way.
Borders constructed to shield always have the habit of imprisoning the true self.
In my experience there are two ways to clean up that inner mess and get to the inner self: The alchemic translation would be „the wet or the dry step over the threshold“ – pursuing through ecstasy or inner peace/the struggle between inner life and outer world.
The red, the white and the black moon are three symbolical states for this conflict.
The left tower symbolizes the red path of passion, ambition and striving. Emblematized by the focus on the muladhara chakra and the roses climbing the spire.
The right tower symbolizes the white path of retreat, inner world and craving. Emblematized by the spiral going inwards and the lotus climbing the spire. 

Both paths work well in dissolving the challenges of this archetypical card. The red one faster and steeper, the white one slower and steadier.
From a metaphysical point of view both of them separately will lead to a quantity of states of consciousness and awareness within the archons borders but none of them alone will get you outside the artistic egg we are all trapped in. Fortunately the „left or right part extremists“ stays inside the illusion emanated by the yesod sephira (as you can see the towers both don’t reach into the upper/cosmic/gnostic realm) where matter must be left behind.
Walking on these paths always means activating the „black state“ (the inner depths) within oneself and often within one’s daily life as well:
The fears and horrors (symbol: moon in scorpio) which burst out into the physical world are numberless and truly seem horrible, but are necessary for purification. The scarab is the symbol for resurrection (usually after one of the towers has fallen resurrection is possible) within all the confusion of the card.
So in the best case this card means facing a dark/oppressed part of oneself and implementing it in a positive way and to change one’s life to a better outcome. Often the events going on in our lifes during the current of this archetype are too overwhelming to face them at first. Accept, stop fighting, close your eyes and just step over the border would be my advise to solve this.