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Six of Wands Tarot


Six of Wands / Sechs der Stäbe Tarot

„the son of the victorious sun“

Symbol: victory, win, celebration, success, achievements and rewards

Element: Tipareth through fire

Archetype: Mithras, Horus, Krishna, Apollon

This confident young man stands victorious and is being illuminated by the sun. A person which is experiencing this archetype will walk on his or hers true path and is likely to gain a great personal achievement.
The one who discovers his part in life and follows his true will, is going to align with the will of the universe. He is the ambassador or son of universal truth and will transcend a higher task into being.
He can be truly proud an needss this confidence to fulfil his destiny.
The reward or gain will follow his doings.
He must be aware that such a behaviour can lead to both worship and idolizing, in some cases even to cultist behaviour. Jealousy and treason are just one step away. One must be aware of his current role and mission and shall look out for others, instead of stepping on them. It can be helpful to hide the own light and not talk too much about one’s achievements. After all, being successful is rarely shared and therefore often not as appreciated in public as this archetype feels it to be.


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