Queen of Disks Tarot


Queen of Disks / Königin der Scheiben

„the unveiled seduction and fertility of nature“

Symbols: birth, security, nurturing and providing, defending the own

Expression: Water through Assiah

Element: Earth

The Queen of Disks doesn’t hide herself the way female archetypes normally do. In a symbolic context she is revealed and naked, unveiled and as seductive as dangerous. For her children she can be a devoted mother, caring and protecting them at the same time.
The wolf is a symbol for this aspect. In the legend of Romulus and Remus, the wolf Lupa nurses these twins. Later they would become the founders of the city of rome. Interesting to know, that also the priestesses of Lupa, as well as prostitutes carried that same name. The twin aspect is also represented in the card of „XX – The Aeon“ which describes the beginning of a new cycle and era. The founders of rome are a symbol for civilization and order. So, while culture is able to emerge from this queen, she is likely to eradicate existing civilizations or structures in the process, since she is the queen of cycles. As it is with every new current, the prior must die, to build up something new from the ashes of the old.
She sits in a cave, still hidden for those, who may not see yet, what’s coming. For those, who are already aware to her appearance, she is as hideous, as she is beautiful, hope and potential destruction at the same time. Being close to the well in the cave, means that the full raw potential of being is bound within her, ready to burst out.
As a mother of the new, she is no victim, like it is often the case in numerous legends of female archetypes. She is self-determined and can’t be broken, because of her elusiveness. Representing the everlasting potential of the left pillar (Boaz), she is dark and incomprehensible by nature, especially to the male aspect within us. Only when invocated, one can feel her power without being harmed in the process of experiencing this archetype. Her serpent-like appearance underlines her mature, forceful and mysterious kind.
In most cultures, serpent like people would play a big role in mythology. Since this fact may be deeply symbolic, it is very interesting to get into these myths in detail.

The Magna Mater cult engages with this aspect of nature. The black cube, which plays a huge role in these mysteries lies to her feet. With the cube is a depiction of the atom, the smallest comprehensible part of matter – which is so tiny and yet so powerful.

When experiencing this queen, everything will go as she wishes, but maybe not without a conflict, or even by devouring the ones who get in the way. Kali would be a representative of this often inexorable path. If confronted with this archetype, one should submit to her will, since stepping back would be the safest way to deal with her.
In her positive aspect, when respected, she is fertile and restful – there is not always the need to get out of the safety and security of her cave if she and the ones she cares about are secured.
The mirror is a connector. In the physical realm, it connects us to a part of the self, we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. In a spiritual context, it connects us to the source, to the well and therefore to the mother. In occultism it is the most common symbol for doors, the veil which can be transcended and even other realms. In any case, the queen of disks is the ruler of mirrors on this side of the doorway. She is connected to the letter of Daleth = 4 = the cube.


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