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Princess of Cups Tarot


Princess of Cups / Prinzessin der Kelche Tarot

„relaxation into the inner worlds”

symbols: tenderness, fantasy and dreams, sensitivity, exploration of the subconsciousness

expression: Earth through Briah

element: water

The princess of cups is the original “moonchild”. She is kneeling on the roots of a mycelium, dreaming and sliding away from reality into the world of dreams, fantasy and illusion. The environment looses it’s form and transforms into being one with the princess. The mycelium connects her to the depths of earth as well as to the endless sea of briah.
The mushrooms are a symbol for this unity of both these negative elements which will lead down into the darkness. In this case this darkness not necessarily is menacing or pressuring but can be a save haven for the distressed mind.
The princesses hair is representative for the veil which dissolves slowly and voluntarily, without harming the sensitive structure of the border which separates the realms from each other.
The poppies and the mushrooms are a hint that this state can be achieved either by dreaming, by trance or with the help of earthly gifts too.
The princess has usually a gentle mind and is sensual and tender by nature.
She means no malicious intend but tends to decept and hypnotize others, since they are not in the same state of mind. Her innocence seems to be harmless but is her greatest strength in luring others into her circle. She can disrupt order and stability with her melancholy and romantic ideas. These ideas are strongly opposed to the harsh reality and routines that life is embedded into. All structures loose form and if one isn’t ready to let go, one will loose stability. It is healthy to let go sometimes, but self deception and getting lost is a true threat and issue with the princess.
However the relaxation leads to a well of creativity which can be transcended into form, if handled skillfully.
Her longing for the source is honest and unblameable. She seeks union with the tides of the sea, the subconsciousness and the inner world.
All that which she experiences in this state seems unrealistic to the logic mind and is often deeply symbolic by nature. These symbols are not to be taken literally, there is danger in a logical translation. The princess would argument that realism is overrated for it is subjective and doesn’t exist anyway, since all is maya or illusion. That fact can be learned from the princess who can be a wise teacher in the best cases and help to dissolve rigid structures which can imprison the mind if to gridlocked. It is important to not degrade the illusions of others or devalue the worldview which doesn’t correspond to our own. Since there is no universal truth, everyone has the right to live in his own subjective world and a right to an own will and choice in interacting with others. This respect can lead to a better understanding and interaction with people and eventually leads to more inner peace in realizing that the truth has many ankles and that reality has many layers.


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