Eight of Disks Tarot


Eight of Disks / Acht der Scheiben

„handling tasks with prudence and detail“

Symbols: dealing with things, mastering life, tasked with development

Expression: Hod through Assiah

Element: Earth

The Eight of Disks Tarot card marks a time of development and being tasked with various assignments. It is an active period in life, where one takes the lead at his/hers own terms.
The body which is shown at this card is like a tree, which must dwell from the foundation it has grown of, represented by the roots routed in earth. At the same time it grows branches above the head to be fruitful, sometimes even beyond the physical realm. The chakras are open and working together as a lively system of floating energy.
The earthworm in the ground, as well as it’s counterpart, the serpent in the crown of the tree/body both form the symbol of eternity.
The meditating pose functions as a sign that all tasks are in harmony. There is a workflow, which synchronizes in unity with body, mind and soul. One can maybe even feel a vibrant energy, which floats through the body as a result of this rare but precious balance. This time in life can lead to lasting results which can’t be taken away so easily. The fruits which grow and dwell in this endeavour will last long and nurture not only the self, but many.
The love which can be felt in this process helps with details, that result in making the work to be „great“ or even „masterful“ instead of only being „good“.
The work can surely be hard and exhausting but prudence and diligence may have the potential to guide the process to be successful beyond expectations. If one has a quality like self-discipline it is easier then most of the time to apply it.
Also, order and structure are appreciated during this period – often more then usual.
The outside world will profit as well as the inner self. However, there is a danger that body, mind or soul loose their balance and the mind thinks himself to be above and beyond those other qualities of this state – it can take over before the work is finished.
In this case it would lead to the overwhelming overthinking, represented in the Eight of Swords Tarot card. If this would happen, the harvest of this time wouldn’t be lost completely. But it would stop the process of developing at this point, falling back to the last achieved checkpoint which would bolster the fall, so it won’t be to hard.
This can also be a time of learning a long lasting skill, passing a test or exam or developing into the right direction of one’s true will and being part of the great work. In any case, what ever tasks are given and handled – they will lead to a goal which is worth working for.


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