Ace of Swords Tarot


Ace of Swords / Ass der Schwerter

„transcending borders in a fruitful endeavour“

Symbols: birth and renewal, bright and active choices, awareness

Expression: Kether through Yetzirah

Element: Air

The flaming sword on this card pierces through the spheres, the veils open up and it’s tip cracks open a crowned egg.
The veils are not cut, but slip aside to open the way. Symbolically it means, that the sword is not a weapon which brings harm, but more of an instrument which fulfils it’s purpose. Like the sword which represents the dignity of the chosen king in the tale of king Arthur, it is as much a symbol of hope, as well as it represents the ability to assert oneself against the inner blockades and bring forth an outcome.
However, it is important that this opening of the veils shall not be forced, neither by the own mind, not by action.
It may be possible to violate borders and reach the goal anyway. But in this case, the result would be tainted by this act of malpractice and would surely have consequences.
If the veils won’t open or the obstacles won’t resolve themselves at first try, it can be helpful to take a step back. Everything should go easy at this point or it is a sign, that the direction of the path should be altered.
The word „easy“ means not, that one can relax and watch the plot to resolve on it’s own in a positive way. Quite the contrary is the case. The sword need to be actively mastered and lead into the right direction.
The term „TAT SAT AUM“ is a hinduistic mantra of the highest order and means (in short) „All that is“. The action taken should lead to unity, salvation and the realization of a greater connectivity with the „all“. This means, that the endeavour shall be productive, fruitful and what is considered to be „good“ from the own perspective. Since there is no ultimate good thing, this can only count for the intentions, never as a term, describing the action itself.
The „G“ within a pentagram is the letter for „gnosis“ which should reinforce the notion of transcending some kind of border. The pentagram emblematizes the true and righteous will, which is involved in the best case.
The orphic and crowned egg in the upper part is a symbol for birth and renewal. A thought or plot is ready to be released into the world. The borders, represented through the black and white bigger circles are reality itself. Sometimes it is necessary to materialize the own truth, even if the borders of reality seem to be in the way. „Against all odds“, true will is able to write the story in a new way, quite better then passively bear the weight of the illusion which is called actuality.
However the base of the endeavour must be solid like the lower part of the card. Nothing can grow from floating around in the air – the earth must already to be fertile to bear fruits.
The serpents which support the handle are shaped as a circle and as an infinity symbol. This means that the spirit of knowledge, truth and the cycles of life are aligned with the will to change – now is the right time to do, what has to be done.
The blade is decorated by the double helix of the DNA. In the lower part it wiggles in the right shape, while in the upper part it starts to align symmetrical and then dissolves completely. These three stages can be described as 1, being in unity with the laws of the physical world -> 2, inner balance and transcending the laws which bind the will -> 3, dissolving into a stream of alignment with the cosmos. In this stage, the inner will corresponds with the will of the universe and „all is one“. One can be an instrument of the „whole“ at this point if the conditions allow this to happen.
The way up to the egg is guarded by two cherubim and the flaming sword: „… and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim and a flaming sword that turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life“. Gen 3.24.
In a kabbalistic context they represent the guardians and trials which have to be passed (within), before reaching a further step to enlightenment.
Even if the trials of the cherubim are passed, there is still the test of „mind“ or the sword. Whatever that means in practical work is for everyone on his own.


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