Gnostic, Fantastic and Tarot art by Ina Auderieth

Original Artworks

In this category you’ll find all of my original artwork which is for sale right now.
Each piece is abolutely unique, signed and comes with a certificate.
Most of my artwork took about 30 – 50 hours to draw. Feel free to ask me anything you like about the artwork you’re interested in. More detailed pictures can be supplied of course.

All pieces are shipped insured. Shipping is free and included in the price.

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  • -27% The great architect
    Original Artworks

    Great Architect- Original

    320,00 add to cart
  • The Unborn One
    Original Artworks

    The Unborn One – Original

    970,00 add to cart
  • Original Artworks

    Hidden Gate – Original

    920,00 add to cart
  • Xibalba or the path of sabitu
  • Knight of Swords Tarot - Ina Auderieth
  • -19% Knight of Wands/ Ritter der Stäbe Tarot
    Original Artworks

    Knight of Wands Tarot – Original

    1.050,00 add to cart
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