Many artists try to capture a piece of this world. I try to depict the beauty and terrors of the many other dimensions which lie beyond. Hermeticism gave me the structure and the capability to display what in this reality nobody can really describe. As a result and for this reason there can be found a lot of alchemic, magical and cultural references and symbols in my drawings.

My mission or my true will is to help with spiritual journeys and awakening in every way I can. My art should provide a gateway to different realms, currents or steps on the path and I’m happy to explain at any time.
Every person should discover their own truth and cosmic view, I would never preach my path is the right one for anyone but me. However there are fixed universal laws, defined steps and a general symbolic code we all experience in a similar context. That makes it possible to talk about initiation, awakening and gnosticism in a way that can help others.

This world is clouded in illusions, so if I can lift just one veil for just anybody through my work it would be worth the task.

No piece of art (literary or artistic) could ever explain what I mean – but personal experience will.
Nothing would make me more happy then to inspire the reader to do some pathwork and discover ones own great opus!

Everyone and everything I draw has my highest respect.

I really try to integrate the keys to the different realms accurately in my work, but I’m clearly better with my pencil then with words so I let my drawings explain themselfes.