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Tarotdeck Art Set

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There are multible Sets avaiable – choose the option you like most.
All Set-Options are price-reduced compared to the single products.
The Art Set contains:
  • The Tarot „Major Arcana“ Deck
  • one Print of your choosing 20Ă—30 cm
  • 2 mini prints 14Ă—21 cm

Tarot Deck – Major Arcana

Size:89 x 127mm with radius corners.
Specification:23 Cards per pack. 22 Great Arcana and one introduction card
Printing:Full Colour
Material:350gsm cardboard
Tuck Box:Inserted in a tuck box, printed full colour on 350gsm matt laminated

It is the first edition – limited to 200 pieces

Because the impact of printing on the environment is an important issue, this product is printed in europe, by a company which has an FSC certification.
The deck is printed on FSC certified paper too.

You can find a detailed overview of the Major Arcana here


Artbook, Set: Artbook & Print, Set: Artbook & Print & Tarotdeck, Set: Artbook & Tarotdeck

3 Bewertungen fĂĽr Tarotdeck Art Set

  1. Andi

    Beautifully crafted high quality deck; I can see much love and time went into creating these tarot cards. Delivery was quicker than anticipated. Well worth the investment; eager to see the rest.

  2. Catherine

    So beautiful!! If you ever decide to expand the deck to include the minor arcana I’ll be one of the first people in line to purchase them.

  3. Emmanuel

    Hi! the package has arrived yesterday and i have to say that the tarot cards are amazing. The art print is stunning, i can relate my sun, ascendent and moon astrologicaly with it, it is so crazy. Thank you for such intuitive and powerful work.

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