Gnostic, Fantastic and Tarot art by Ina Auderieth


Tarotdeck Deluxe Set white

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There are multible Sets avaiable – choose the option you like most.
All Set-Options are price-reduced compared to the single products.
The Deluxe Set contains:

  • The Tarot „Major Arcana“ Deck
  • The Artbook „white Edition“
  • one Print of your choosing 20×30 cm
  • 2 mini prints 14×21 cm

Tarot Deck – Major Arcana

Size: 89 x 127mm with radius corners.
Specification: 23 Cards per pack. 22 Great Arcana and one introduction card
Printing: Full Colour
Material: 350gsm cardboard
Tuck Box: Inserted in a tuck box, printed full colour on 350gsm matt laminated

It is the first edition – limited to 200 pieces

Because the impact of printing on the environment is an important issue, this product is printed in europe, by a company which has an FSC certification.
The deck is printed on FSC cerified paper too.

You can find a detailed overview of the Major Arcana here

you can choose two of these mini prints avaiable: A5 mini prints

Artbook Liber Suggestionium

Format: 21 x 30 cm
72 pages
printed on 150g natural paper
printed climate-neutral

It is the second edition – limited to 222 pieces – signed of course

The book contains all of the great arcana and the texts belonging to them, a selection of symbolic art and a selection of the minor arcana.


Artbook, Set: Artbook & Print, Set: Artbook & Print & Tarotdeck, Set: Artbook & Tarotdeck

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  • Becky Satathite

    Great purchase

    I purchased the deluxe set and I could not be happier with my purchase. It shipped quickly and arrived sooner than expected. It was packed securely and in perfect condition. Ina even wrote a personal note thanking me for my purchase which was so kind. As an artist myself, I can see she is a true artist and magickal being.
    The quality of the materials is fantastic and the artwork is mesmerizing. The specific details of this deck are definitely made for higher dimensional communications.
    For example, the description in the book for the hanged man includes the Odin archetype, which I have always felt resonated with that card but had not seen that acknowledged in any contemporary card definitions until now. The cards are stunning stylistically with gold, white and grey on black. This deck is definitely on the next level and those who resonate with higher dimensions and void/world bridging frequencies will absolutely love it. I patiently await the release of the Minor cards, which I will definitely be purchasing when they are available. I highly recommend this deck, it is beautiful, unique and a value for the price.


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