Gnostic, Fantastic and Tarot art by Ina Auderieth


Tarotdeck Basic Set – Artbook white & Deck

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The Basic Set contains:

  • The Tarot „Major Arcana“ Deck
  • The Artbook Liber Suggestionium – Softcover 2nd Edition

Tarot Deck – Major Arcana

Size: 89 x 127mm with radius corners.
Specification: 23 Cards per pack. 22 Great Arcana and one introduction card
Printing: Full Colour
Material: 350gsm cardboard
Tuck Box: Inserted in a tuck box, printed full colour on 350gsm matt laminated

It is the first edition – limited to 200 pieces

Because the impact of printing on the environment is an important issue, this product is printed in europe, by a company which has an FSC certification.
The deck is printed on FSC cerified paper too.

You can find a detailed overview of the Major Arcana here

Artbook Liber Suggestionium

Format: 21 x 30 cm
72 pages
printed on 150g natural paper
printed climate-neutral

It is the second edition – limited to 222 pieces – signed of course

The book contains all of the great arcana and the texts belonging to them, a selection of symbolic art and a selection of the minor arcana.


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2 reviews for Tarotdeck Basic Set – Artbook white & Deck







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  • O.C.B.

    Both the cards and the artbook are beautiful. Incredibly high-quality, with gorgeous art. I cant express how happy I am with these.
    I can recommend this store wholehearedly. Incredibly nice seller aswell.

  • Karina

    Beautiful cards and book. There has been so much knowledge put into this deck and it’s just gorgeous!


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